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Metal One Pipe & Tubular Products Inc. was launched on April 1, 2011, through the integration of Metal One Corporation’s tubular products operations and Otofuji Corporation.

Coupled with the general steel trading capabilities of Metal One (its parent firm), Metal One Pipe & Tubular Products is an all-around player in pipe and tubular products distribution, possessing a combination of warehousing, processing, and distribution capabilities cultivated over a half century of pipe and tubular products retailing.

As an organization of specialists in pipe and tubular products, we will continue to do our utmost to maximize the services we provide, demonstrating our comprehensive skills through firm ties with Metal One as well as Metal One Group companies.

Also, we will carry out active efforts related to strengthening internal controls, ensuring compliance, etc., so that we can be an open, transparent company that contributes to society.

Metal One Pipe & Tubular Products has history and tradition and takes pride in being an industry leader. We will strive to be a global player in distribution valued by customers and the pipe and tubular products distribution industry.

President and CEO Norio Naito