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Corporate Philosophy and Management Policies

Metal One Group Corporate Philosophy

Global Citizen
We will broadly contribute to society in an effort to live and work with the people of the world.

Honesty and Virtue
Honesty and fairness in every respect will be our continuing source of pride.

Aspirations and Creativity
We will lead the way to a bright and prosperous future in our pursuit of the ideal market and distribution.

Metal One Pipe & Tubular Products “Plus One” Management Policies

Our goals at Metal One Pipe & Tubular Products are to attain the number one position in corporate competitiveness by expanding our capabilities, value, and strengths, and to become a uniquely creative company.

  1. Expanding our strengths
    Our extensive network of locations and our ability to supply one-stop tubular product services and processing functions have been Metal One Pipe & Tubular Product’s traditional strengths. To achieve our goals of attaining the top spot in corporate competitiveness and becoming a uniquely creative company, we will supplement those strengths by upgrading our cost competitiveness and corporate planning, business development, and human resource capabilities.
  2. Widening our business field (adding new capabilities, products, and sectors)
    We see many possibilities for expansion related to our existing capabilities, products, and sectors, and expansion in these categories will widen our corporate sphere of activities.
  3. Expanding our employees’ individual scope of business
    We will improve vertical communication within the organization to unite management and staff, and encourage individual employees to aspire to greater personal growth and to expand their respective horizons by examining the business realm from an elevated point of view.
  4. Implementing corporate management in which the top, middle, and lower levels work together (changing the top-down management process)
    The company absolutely needs to operate as a united entity, collaborating and changing, if we are to achieve our “+One” goals. We will aim for mutual collaboration in our corporate management style rather than top-down, one-way management.
  5. Promoting CSR
    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an aspect of business that should be universal and indispensable in any era. We will strengthen our CSR foundations by improving our compliance systems, adopting and entrenching what we refer to as business level controls (BLC), and bolstering our health and safety systems.

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