Metal One Pipe & Tubular Products Inc. (the “Company”) strives to carry out lawful and fair business practices, based on its corporate code of conduct and bylaws, which delineate the basic policy and principles for corporate conduct and compliance matters. Additionally, in-house rules are established as needed.

Basic Policy
All officers and employees of Metal One Pipe & Tubular Products must comply with all applicable laws, international standards and rules, and internal corporate regulations in the performance of their business duties. At the same time, they must observe business etiquette and conduct themselves responsibly in accordance with social norms.

Basic Principles

To respect human rights, and refrain from discriminating on any basis and engaging in any form of harassment.
To maintain a high regard for environmental considerations while conducting our business operations, ensure that our business is conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner, and comply with all treaties, laws, and regulations concerning the environment.
To promote fair business practices and comply with all trade rules and regulations.
To comply with all the rules and regulations of international trade.
To protect and properly use confidential and proprietary information, protect the rights of the Company, and respect the rights of others.
To refrain from engaging in insider trading.
To avoid conflicts of interest with the Company, and maintain a distinction between corporate and private business.
To provided financial and accounting records and reports in a timely and accurate manner.
To maintain proper legal and ethical standards with respect to gifts and entertainment.
To resolutely oppose any organization, group, or individual engaged in unlawful activities, and to avoid providing money or any other types of economic benefits to them.
To promptly report to or consult with superiors, individuals in charge of compliance for each business department, relevant departments, the secretariat for the Compliance Committee, or the outside counsel in charge of compliance upon discovering or committing any violations of this code of conduct.

Consideration for the Global Environment

Basic Philosophy
Metal One Pipe & Tubular Products has designated responses to global environmental problems an important management issue, and endeavors to protect the global environment in every facet of its corporate activities while striving for sustainable growth.

Basic Policy

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
We shall comply with all national and regional environmental laws and regulations in our corporate activities.
Consideration for the natural environment
We shall strive to protect the natural environment, based on the awareness that our various corporate activities and the trade we conduct have repercussions on natural ecosystems.
Contribution to a recycling society
We shall promote effective use and reuse of resources and energies in our corporate activities, contributing to the creation of a society that is able to sustainably recycle.
Continuous improvement of our environmental management system
Designating environment-related objectives and targets in line with this environmental policy and reviewing them, we shall endeavor to make our environmental management systems as robust as possible and continuously improve them.
Education and public relations
We shall conduct training to ensure that all employees are fully aware of global environmental issues and show concern for the environment as they carry out corporate activities. All employees will be advised of this environmental policy, which will also be posted publicly.

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